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“Writing Smiths” is a leading Tourism Assignment writing company based in UK with years of experience in creating assignments. Furthermore, our company provides original assignments to the students who are pursuing their career in Tourism. Tourism is defined as traveling whether it is internationally or domestically, to be a part of various cities, states, or countries.

Most importantly, this sector creates plenty of jobs for people in cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other places visited by tourists.



Tourism plays a vital role in generating economic development through tourists for every country. Hence, It promotes business and creates many job opportunities for the people who pursue their major in this subject. Please read below to understand its importance specifically.

Social Importance of Tourism

With the help of Tourism, people can learn a different culture, history, languages, and perspectives. It also helps maintain the excellent relationship between the host country and the tourist as it boosts the social interaction.

Tourism Helps to Increase Economy

Whether it is domestic or international tourism, it helps increase the country’s economy and is the primary source of income for residents.

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“Writing Smiths” has covered different types of Tourism Assignments for students, such as,

  • Hospitality Tourism
  • Social Tourism
  • Doom Tourism
  • Medical Tourism
  • Educational Tourism
  • Sports Tourism
  • Creative Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism

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We have extended our Tourism Assignment Help in different Tourism Areas and numerous topics related to the particular areas. For instance, here is a list of the topics we have provided our assistance in: 

  • Tourism and environment 
  • Destination marketing and management 
  • Urban Tourism and Cultural Heritage
  • Animation in Tourism
  • Protected Areas and Tourism
  • Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Destination marketing and management 
  • Sustainable tourism 
  • Urban Tourism and  Heritage 

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